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Color & Makeup Workshop

Color & Makeup Workshop

Color & Make-up go well together!

Do you ask yourself; Am I the Best Version of myself?

In this workshop, in a relaxed and fun setting, in The Hague or on location:

Hear more about Personal Color-analysis

Learn the difference between warm and cool colors and skin

Hear more about the meaning of color

See which Lipstick suits you best

Hear how makeup can work for you


In colloboration with Yvonne Kusters  @

Yvonne is a professional and certified color consultant who moved after 12 years of living in Kuala Lumpur to The Hague in The Netherlands. She is able to help people truly shine with the right shades a and combinations. She understands the power of personal and professional image and teaches individuals how to use clothing and the right colors to enhance their looks. Yvonne starts with a focus on the person and works with individual clients to create a really great, sophisticated look – without spending a fortune and having to change your entire wardrobe and jewellery.


“Everybody deserves to look and feel amazing from the inside-out, I make sure every client understands they too can look extraordinary, no matter what the occasion. I help them to select colors and styles that suit their lifestyle. I love seeing the confidence that emerges from my clients when they learn how to use the right colors. They get a sparkle in their eye…and a big beautiful smile on their face…”

We also offer the possibility for a tailored workshop for a smaller group, so you could invite friends of family and spend a beautiful time enjoying this workshop together. Please email me or contact me here.

One on One

One on One

Personalised One on One workshop on your Desired Make-up Look.

This popular masterclass is for anyone who wants to know how to apply perfect make-up.

Learning how to apply your own make up can be so much fun and save you a fortune in time and money on buying products that you don’t know how to use or just don’t work for you.

I will show you how to apply your make-up flawlessly to suit your skin type, face shape, eye shape and colouring.
You will leave with a personalised make up look which will be you but only better!

I believe all women are pretty without make-up,

but can be Pretty Powerful with the right make-up!

Thinking about offering an one on one make-up lesson as a present? I have beautiful gift certificates ready!

Any questions regarding the training or ready to plan a date? Sent me an email:  or use the contact form on the website: KLIK HIER.

If you would like to get a professional make-over, I can also be your artist. I am after all a make-up artist & hair stylist.

Contact me and we can discuss any ideas. Any workshops tailored for your need as well!